The Kingdom of Bahrain marks World Obesity Day 2022

The Kingdom of Bahrain is celebrating World Obesity Day today, which is observed every year on the 4th of March. The 2022 edition is centered around the theme, Everybody Needs Everyone: Bringing together the global community to create a healthier, happier and longer life for all. The day has been celebrated in Bahrain in support of efforts aimed at raising awareness about its effects on human health and serious chronic diseases. More than two billion people around the world suffer from obesity, a chronic disease and one of the world’s biggest health problems.

The Kingdom of Bahrain marks World Obesity Day 2022According to the World Health Organization, tackling obesity requires social responsibility and radical solutions that include prevention, treatment, and lifestyle changes. When an adult’s body mass is greater than or equal to 30, they are classified as obese by the WHO. Recent studies suggest that obesity is on the rise. Around the world, the incidence of noncommunicable chronic diseases, including obesity, is steadily increasing. Based on the 2018 National Health Survey, Bahrain’s obesity rate is 25.7% among residents and 42.8% among citizens, and its overweight rate is 39.8% among residents and 33.2% among citizens.

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